theme 1. she missed you


  • sidebar
  • up to 3 extra links, with hover text
  • pop up description (keep it short)
  • pop up ask
  • optional tiny cursor
  • customisable colours


  • do not remove/move credit
  • do not claim as your own
  • do not use as a base code
  • like/reblog if using
  • ask if you need help! first theme so work with me here xo

look at me only [exo x nature republic]

rxffryn said:
is your heart an x or o?

give me a sign, yes or no

이게 아닌데 (I DIDN'T MEAN IT)


이게 아닌데 (I Didn’t Mean It) - Rise - Taeyang

this is not the end of our story because we will meet again


1/∞ exo airport pastel


3/ exo airport pastel